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A Better Way to Share Photos Online

Share Life’s Remarkable Moments in a Safe, Secure Way.

Why letmesee?

Billions of people share photos worldwide on social media platforms. While this is a convenient way to let people know what you’re doing, what if you don’t want everyone to know? Privacy is a hot topic, and popular social media platforms don’t offer even basic protections.

letmesee is an alternative approach. It’s an easy-to-use photo sharing and storage app that utilizes secure blockchain technology and decentralized servers. Use letmesee to prevent corporate surveillance and only let specified people see your photos.

Features include:

  • No restrictions on the size or number of photos shared.
  • Innovative privacy and permissions controls to keep unwanted viewers out of your business.
  • The ability to create and maintain small photo communities.





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A Safe Place for Sharing

Let’s face it; the internet can be a scary place. A simple internet search of a name can return intimate details about a person’s life and a photographic record of their recent activities. It doesn’t have to be like this! You can harness the usefulness of the internet without giving away information to the creeps and weirdos out there.

Use letmesee to share your favorite memories safely. Create a group for friends, relatives, or coworkers and ensure they are the only ones able to peep those pics! Show off those hilarious wedding reception photos, or send the latest pictures of your bundle of joy to your mother without worry.

Share the Moments that Make Life Special

Use letmesee for any moment you want to commemorate.


Create a private event in the app and have guests snapping pics throughout the day. They’ll all be there for you to view later!


Show your friends that perfect spot you found on your dream vacation. Then kick up your feet and relax because it’s completely private.

Family Outings

Capture the fun at birthdays, family reunions, or any other time where all of the people you love most are gathered.

Private Matters

Tech corporations and random strangers don’t deserve to snoop. Share with confidence that your pics won’t fall into the wrong hands. .

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Automatically Share Memories in Real-Time

letmesee is streamlined for usability. There’s no uploading, tagging, or using multiple apps just to share a photo or video. Just download letmesee, snap your pics, and the time-consuming part is done automatically.

Create an event and invite friends or family via a phone number, email address, or unique QR code. Then, every photo and video you take at that event is shared instantly.

  • High-rated iOS and Android versions.
  • Intuitive user experience.
  • Highly secure backend infrastructure.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

There are thousands of happy letmesee users. Take a look at some of our reviews: