About Us

We developed letmesee to provide a viable alternative to current photo-sharing platforms. Big Tech companies not only make your photos and videos public by default, but they are also typically engaging in data mining or other invasive practices.

A photo is a snapshot of you.
Not everyone wants to become the next big social media influencer. If you don’t want to put yourself out there for everyone to see, we tried to make it easy to retain privacy.

That’s why we combined secure blockchain technology and decentralized IPFS servers with a corporate philosophy that respects users’ privacy rights to create letmesee. Our team doesn’t fall in line with the trends of Big Data collection and selling personal information to the highest bidder. You don’t have to either.

We want society to break free from the grip of tech monopolies that build detailed user-profiles and track people across the internet. We believe in a freer, fairer internet for all. letmesee is a step in that direction. Follow us down this path and help realize the true potential of a connected world.